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Company Profile

SL-TECH was founded in 1990 by German Master Mechanic Gernold G Nisius. The company started out in a small family owned shop in Limerick Maine and moved to the current location near Kennebunkport Maine in 1993. The main objective of SL-TECH has been the preservation of Mercedes-Benz W113 Chassis 230/250 and 280SL models. We supply new, used and rebuild parts, perform restoration work on all levels, and buy parts cars or restorables.

Gernold G. Nisius, SL-TECH's owner is a member of both the German Pagode SL Club and the Mercedes Club of America Once a year Gernold travels to Germany to visit the Factory Classic Center and other parts suppliers. He keeps a close contact with the new Mercedes-Benz Classic Division to ensure our customers keep up to date with the factory efforts to supply no longer available parts.

We always have a few carefully selected W113 chassis SL of all types on hand for brokerage, these can be either in excellent condition or good candidates for a serious restoration. We keep a comprehensive inventory of new and used parts, as well as W113 chassis accessories. We constantly search for rare items such as the ZF S 5-20 FIVE Speed Transmission, Ski Rack, Luggage, Third Seat, Limited Slip Differential, Protective Underbody Shield, Toolkits, etc. (Click here to see a rare combination.)

Since the early days of the company Gernold has successfully maintained a free question and answer service for any Topic related to the W113 Chassis SL. For the past three years we have focused more on the Parts Business and also do a heavy volume of partial restoration work such as complete mechanical updates and convertible tops. Our latest Service covers convertible topframe repairs. You can send us your Topframe and we repair the frame as needed and install a new Skin without having your car.

SL-TECH also performs regular Service on all Mercedes-Benz Models from the sixties.

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